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Armenians in Russia or Russian Armenians are ethnic Armenians who live in Russia.

The 2002 Russian census recorded 1,130,491 Armenians in the country.

Russia possesses the largest Armenian population outside of Armenia proper, making it home of the largest community in the Armenian diaspora.
Armenians populate various regions, including Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar Krai in the North Caucasus and as far as Vladivostok in the East.

There has been an Armenian presence in Russia since the Late Middle Ages, when various artisans, merchants and traders ventured north to the Crimea and the northern Caucasus in order to set up trade ties and conduct commerce.

Most Armenians are of the Armenian Apostolic faith of the Armenian Apostolic Church and fall under the jursodiction of the see of Holy Echmiadzin.

The number of churches is growing as the Armenian Russian community expands.

Here is a list of some of the major Armenian churches in Russia

  • Sourp Haroutyoun (Resurrection) Armenian Apostolic Church (Moscow)
  • St.Ekatherine Armenian Apostolic Church (St. Petersburg)
  • St.Voskresenija (Resurrection) Armenian Apostolic Church (Vasil'evsky Island, St. Petersburg)
  • Sourp Hovannes Avedaranich Armenian Apostolic Church (Krasnodar, South Russia)
  • Sourp Krikor Lousavorich Armenian Apostolic Church (Vladikavkaz, South Russia)
  • Sourp Vartan Armenian Apostolic Church (Kislovodsk, South Russia)
  • Sourp Maryam Asdvadzadzin Armenian Apostolic Church (Armavir, South Russia)
  • Sourp Garabet Armenian Apostolic Church (Rostov)
  • Armenian Church of South Russia (Sochi)


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